Congratulations Winners of Our July Drawing!

Due to the volume of entries to last month's drawing, we've increased the winners from 10 to 15!!!

The Winners Are (In No Particular Order):

Drew McKown Studio City, CA
Amy Higgins Redondo Beach, CA
Terrell Smith-Dorfeo Pittsburgh, PA
Frances Farris Toluca Lake, CA
Patricia Berkery Chicago, IL
Kris DeVries Spokane, WA
Tara Villegas Riverbank, CA
James Johanson Marble Falls, TX
Janet Anderson Redding, CA
Mike Lewis Sunland, CA
Tracey Hildreth Rossville, GA
Cynthia Pesciotta East Jewett, NY
Alexandra Van Horn Hopkins, MN
Ruth Elisa Kinser Burke, VA
David Roche Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations, you all are now the architects of the lives you've dreamed about!

Daily inspiration will keep you jazzed, and momentum is everything!

You'll want to take your favorite sayings, passages and lists from CHEAT SHEETS FOR LIFE and post them all around your office, on the mirror, in your kitchen and even in the bathroom!

Winners, expect your copies to arrive in the mail shortly!!!