Reader Testimonials

"Failure is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing is not to try." Cher

"I saw this quote on your Cheat Sheets page. So true! You know 'not trying' has been mine and almost everyone's problem for most if not all of their lives. Years ago when I was in coach pitch little league I went an entire season without ever swinging the bat! I may have been a good player if I would have tried.

In fact maybe that is the number one thing to know about success. Have confidence and just try! Ultimately our lives are only a reflection of the thoughts that exist in our minds. Those who let the world control their minds are like a pin ball bouncing around at the whim of anything that hits it. But those who control their minds control their world, and the possibilities are limitless." Jimmy Texas

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"Sometimes itís hard to get people to read more than the T.V. Guide, but Cheat Sheets for Life is an easier read and funny too!!" David H

"...I read CHEAT SHEETS. It changed my mind about everything, and now I got a super cool job." Bobby Jon

"I went to buy a copy of Cheat Sheets in Santa Monica and this 49er linebacker beat me out for the last copy! And who says chivalry is dead? It kicked my butt." J J Keen

"...I actually read CHEAT SHEETS FOR LIFE and found a great job & great guy within a week. Read this book & leave your dark cave. Cheat Sheets is really hot! Hot! Hot!" Jolene Apple

"You Starr Sisters ROCK! This book is filled with so much useful information. Thank You so much for your inspiration and hard work." Jina Hannon

"These days itís hard to tell the liars from the snake oil salesmen. These Starr Sisters are the real deal." Janey Jo

"Iím glad to see that Cheat Sheets by the wonderful Starr Sisters is catching on. I bought 25 for the people in my insurance company and it made all the difference. When you folks who canít see past bad-mouthing celebs get with it, youíll find their lessons most entertaining and life altering when examined by the witty sisters." Bob Fellows

"The Star Sisters are legends in Malibu." Sake Mama

"One word can make the difference between life and death. That Bruce Lee portrait in Cheat Sheets was awesome!!" TimeBandit2

"...check out p.40 Bruce Lee and Jim Carey knew the same secret is frickiní incredible! Two guys on the same wavelength who youíd think had nothing in common." Sylvie T

"Sometimes cheatingís a good thing... get ALL the answers in a few pages." Joey2go

"Say what ever, Cheat Sheets is for real. Take a peek at the most read book in L. A." Scott D

"...was at Starbucks in Malibu yesterday, and saw two guys reading CHEAT SHEETS FOR LIFE. Well, the Starr Sisters walk in for their frappacinos and the two guys stand up and applaud. What a trip!" Maggie S

"Take off your shades and read this f@*%ing book!!" Darren Mack