Starrs Shine

New York Post, 'Page Six' 20th January, 2006

"The Starr Sisters of Malibu, Randa and Patte have finally put their celebrity connections to work with their book, 'Cheat Sheets For Life: Secret Shortcuts Used By The Rich And Famous,' which is excerpted on their website

Among the bold faced mottos the social moths have collected over the years are Quentin Tarentino saying,

"Remember that a kick in the ass is a step forward."

and Cher noting,

"Failure is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing is not to try."

The buzz on this book is red hot. You go, girls."


"Both Jim carrey and Bruce Lee, like countless other successful people in every sphere of human endeavor, learned about the power of the subconscious mind and success." Excerpted from Cheat Sheets For Life

For the first time, in this breezy page-turner, we reveal the two documents written by Bruce Lee and Jim Carrey, that propelled them to superstardom.